Airpods2 experience evaluation and authenticity discrimination?

Apple's products are of course the best use for supporting the use. Turn on the phone's Bluetooth and open the Bluetooth headset cover. A small window will pop up under the phone's Apple to display the charging compartment and the power of each headset, accurate to 1%. Take out the right Airpods2 earphone, a lightning bolt will be displayed beside the left earphone (indicating that the left earphone is still charging).

This can be used to determine the authenticity of the headset! In the settings, you can set and change the name of the headset (generally you can't change the fake), and you can individually set the double-click function of each headset, such as pause playback, previous song, next song, siri, and close. In-ear monitoring can also be used to detect whether the earphones are worn on the ears. If music is being played, the playback will be paused when one Airpods2 earphone is taken off, and the playback will continue when it is put on.